Sewing technique: attaching the lining

A few of you have asked for further explanations of the lining attachment technique that we suggest in the creation of the Demoiselle dress since the top is lined.

So here is a step-by-step guide that will teach you how to become an ace at lining attachment. These explanations are also available in the booklet that comes with the full kit including the fabric, pattern, notions or just the pattern.

Let’s start at the beginning: so…what’s lining attachment?!

This is a technique used to fully line a sleeveless garment; it will allow you to hide seam allowances at the arms and neck by hiding them between the fabric and lining.

Let’s go!

This guide picks up where you have already sewn part of the fabric (the white part in the photo) and part of the lining (patterned black in the photo), so here we are.

Step 1 :

The fabric is right side out and the lining is inside out:

Tissu d'un côté, doublure de l'autre !
Tissu d’un côté, doublure de l’autre !

Step 2 :

Position the lining and fabric right side to wrong side and sew only around the neckline

doublure et tissu assembles technique couture prise en fourreau louis antoinette



Step 3 :

Iron to flatten the stitches

Retournez la doublure Cranter les arrondis technique couture prise en fourreau louis antoinette


Step 4: Let’s do an armhole! 

For the first arm, stick your hand underneath the fabric (but on the lining as shown in the photo) and grab the 2 ends of the lower armhole.

Take the two ends right side to right side; you will have to turn them slightly on themselves to keep them together using a pin underneath.

Make sure to release the seam allowance from both sides of the pins.


Continue to pin along one side, front or back, until you reach the shoulder seam (you will realize that it’s impossible to go further) then sew.

Repeat on the other side. In the photo, the back is sewn and the front is pinned.

epinglez lautre cote technique couture prise en fourreau louis antoinette

Step 5 :

Once both sides have been sewn notch the armhole once per centimeter and turn it right side out. Iron making sure that all of the lining is inside.



Repeat on the other side…and you’re done! 


All you have to do now is to attach the lining at the bottom of the garment using a hand stitch.

Check out the Demoiselle dresses made by Bee-made and Petits Bonheurs below 🙂