#hacklamode sewing contest

Our hacklamode contest is now live!
Find below all the details regarding this international sewing contest, and more information regarding our Alma pattern.
First, please welcome Alma, our new sewing pattern to customise & hack as much as you want for the contest. 




All about the pattern:
  • The files to download contains everything you need to know to make this dress: recommended fabrics, haberdashery, printing options, and the instruction booklet to guide you through steps.

How to participate to the associated contest? 

You have until the 5th of November 2017 to download and make your version of Alma. 
You will be rewarded for : the pattern hackers, but also the ones who will decide to play with different fabrics, the ones who will have a nice & fun direction in way the photo/video is made to participate. In a few words, we will reward Creativity!

Here are the awards:

  • Best use of fabrics
  • Best pattern hack
  • Best direction (photo, video)
  • Public prize (thanks to a voting system)
  • And… The Grand Prix !

You can participate several times, however we will only accept one media for each version of your dress.

To submit your participation

1 / Publish the photo/video on your Instagram or Facebook account using the hashtag #hacklamode (do not forget the hashtag!) If you want to participate via these networks;

2 / Create an account on this platform: http://bit.ly/participations-hacklamode-s3

3 / Once the account has been created, 2 possibilities:
connect your Instagram or Facebook account to retrieve the photo / video of your realization and make it appear on the gallery,
upload your photo directly to the platform from your computer

4 / Finally, invite your friends to vote for you by sharing your photo on social networks or via the link indicated on the photo!


Here is a good example of the kind of photo collage you can make to publish you version in just one photo, so that the jury canclearly see  all the work you made:



You can use Layout from Instagram to create this collage.

Selection of the finalists

All the participations will be gathered one 1 platformMoodze
This platform will enable you to participate directly through Instagram, & Facebook, or to directly upload your photo/movie on the platform.
Each participation will have their own url, to send to your friends & family to ask for their vote:-)

  • The participants with the more votes under his photo/video will win the Public Prize.
  • 6 finalists will be selected by Louis Antoinette team for those 3 categories: Best fabrics combination, best pattern hack & best direction. This gives us a total of 18 finalists.  One winner only for each category, the jury will decide who deserves to win.
  • Then comes the Grand Prix! The final winner will be chosen among those 18 finalists
The jury


You will be allowed to win one of their best sewing machine worth 760€.


Modes & Travaux

The french iconic DIY magazine!


Represented by Pauline Laigneau, founder of this high jeweller’s brand.

Toto Tissus

One of our favorite fabric shop ! Our Alma dresses were made with their fabric 🙂

La Petite Epicerie

The online craft supplies shop for all your creatives works.


€ 1,500 gifts !

cadeaux gifts hacklamode s3 louis antoinette mode couture fashion sewing

Our partners will cover you with more € 1,500 gifts to be distributed!

Let’s begin with the Grand Jury Prize!

This year, the winner will receive vouchers worth € 1290, divided as follows:
1 sewing machine Singer Experience 400 worth 760,60 €
1 ring Gemmyo Miaou Pink Golden worth 350€
1 voucher on the site www.lapetiteepicerie.com worth 50 €
1 voucher on Toto Tissus worth 50 €
1 voucher worth € 50 from www.louisantoinette.com
1 subscription for 1 year to the print Modes & Travaux magazine worth € 28,80

Winners of the other 4 categories each win vouchers worth a total of € 80:
1 voucher on Toto Tissus worth 30 €
1 voucher worth € 30 from www.louisantoinette.com
1 voucher on the site www.lapetiteepicerie.com worth 20 €
1 subscription for 1 year to the print Modes & Travaux magazine worth € 28,80

Each voucher will be valid until June 30th, 2018.

Don’t hesitate to comment if you have any question !